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Acne Treatments in Roswell, GA | Wellspring Skincare

Wellspring Skincare's Approach


At Wellspring Skincare, we treat many skin conditions, but acne is one of the most common concerns patients seek treatment for. Acne is a medical skin condition that involves inflammation of a sweat gland and hair follicle unit. There is a complex relationship between many factors including hormones, response to inflammation, individual biology, genetic, and possibly dietary factors.

Acne can have a major impact on self-esteem and confidence and there is a high demand for effective treatment solutions. We can help you with any type of acne prone skin and take care of your skin concerns effectively. 

We will diagnose you based on skin type, spread, seriousness, issues, and causes. Based on this information, we will select the appropriate treatment plan for you. We tend to treat more aggressively if acne scarring, post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (excess skin discoloration), or erythema (redness) is present. Further, we will use multiple acting agents on moderate to severe acne. 

Causes of Acne


Each treatment regimen revolves around addressing the causes of your acne. The four main treatment pathways address:

  • Sweat gland function

  • Acne causing bacteria

  • Inflammation

  • Rate at which skin cells turn over

Remedies include topical and oral medications in addition to in office procedures. We look for results by using many approaches simultaneously to address different ways acne can develop. 

Acne Products


At Wellspring Skincare, we treat all different kinds of acne including blackheads and whiteheads, inflammatory papules, pustules, and nodules. Depending on the severity and type, we treat lesions differently. However, all treatments follow some general principles.

There are four main pathways that lead to acne lesions and we often choose overlapping modalities for additive benefits. The most common topical therapies include:

  • Salicylic acid

  • Azelaic acid

  • Benzoyl peroxide.

These agents are present in many facial cleansers. We can use them in higher strengths for spot treatment.

The next class of medications include topical and oral antibiotics which specifically target bacteria that may be causing acne. We utilize topical and oral tretinoin for their exfoliation and anti-inflammatory properties. These treatments targeting 3 out of 4 of the common pathways to acne development. Topical retinoids are typically first line treatment for acne.

Be careful when choosing a topical retinoid. This active ingredient not stable. Over the counter versions may or may not contain an active retinoid by the time it reaches a consumer.

Lifestyle and Acne


Other than medications, patients can make some lifestyle changes to reduce acne lesions. Known associated factors include skin trauma, diet, stress, insulin resistance and body mass index. Skin trauma as a result of picking at lesions can irritate the skin and lead to an inflammatory response. This can lead to significant scaring and permanent damage.

Several studies suggest diet can play a role in acne formation. Studies have shown an association between milk and high sugar intake and acne. Insulin resistance and body mass index may also associate with acne. These studies are small so there is still uncertainty surrounding these associations. 

Facials, Peels, and Lasers for Acne


There a many in office procedures that are beneficial to treating acne. Chemical peels are one of the most commonly utilized treatments. Chemical peels not only help with current acne, but also improve skin pigment and reduce signs of ageing (a win-win). When used in combination with retinoids, there can be a synergistic improvement.

Regular facial treatments also help with acne. Particular facials involving dermabrasion, like our DiamondGlow facial. Dermabrasion facials show a reduction in breakouts and occurrence of acne. These facials work to manually exfoliate, unclog pores, cleanse the skin, and remove dead skin cells.

People often overlook a facial for acne treatment. Wellspring facials do much more than cleanse the skin and wash your face. Your Wellspring esthetician will help determine the type of facial you need.

Finally, laser treatments can improve acne lesions and scarring. Researchers believe that the light from the lasers can help reduce activity of the sebaceous gland. The light is also powerful enough to kill acne causing bacteria. Laser treatments can also correct scarring from previous acne.

While not a treatment for active acne, microneedling is an excellent treatment for acne scar recovery as well.

How to Prevent Acne


There are some general skin care guidelines we encourage patients to follow to promote resolution and prevention of acne. We recommend gentle skin cleansers that ideally keep the skin at a balanced pH to help prevent irritation and dryness.

We also recommend gentle massage as opposed to aggressive scrubbing to avoid repetitive mechanical trauma. This can induce new lesions. Tea tree oil is a natural topical agent showing promising effects in reducing acne lesions. However, results in studies took longer compared to standard of care treatments.

Finally, reducing stress can reduce the frequency and severity of acne break outs. 

Your Partner in Skin Care


Treating acne can be frustrating. The process can take two to three months of consistent treatments and in office procedures. Not to mention long-term maintenance treatment is often necessary. One rarely cures acne, more often we manage it.

You may need special consideration for you acne treatment. For example, pregnant patients should not use retinoids. So our approach may differ depending on the extent and severity of lesions.

Another special scenario is treating patients with hormonal acne. Hormonal acne often requires a prescription oral medications.  

Acne is a complex skin care condition requiring multiple treatment options. At Wellspring Skincare, we are physician owned and practice evidence based medicine. We offer our patients top of the line skincare products and treatments to control and manage their skin care concerns.

To learn more about our acne treatments, book a free consultation with one of our skincare specialists. We look forward to seeing you and being on your journey to more confident, flawless skin. 

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