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Double Chin Treatment in Roswell, GA

A double chin, otherwise known as submental fat, is a common complaint that can cause significant distress and embarrassment. Fat collection below the chin area can make the lower face appear bulky and out of proportion. This out of proportion collection of fat can make a patient appear older than they are. 

Annoyingly, fat deposit can be present even if a patient is a healthy weight. This can make one assume they are overweight or unhealthy. There are multiple causes for a double chin that are not all body weight and exercise related. 

Submental fat can be difficult to treat, especially in individuals that have a healthy body weight and diet. There are a number of treatment methods based on the underlying cause of fat collection. We must consider patient preference in relation to downtime, cost, and treatment schedule.

What causes a double chin?


There are multiple factors that contribute to fat collection below the chin and in the neck. Weight gain often causes double chin, but this is not always the case. This fat can also accumulate in areas of lose skin secondary to aging. There is also a large genetic component.

  • Age

  • Diet

  • Exercise

  • Body weight

  • Genetics


What are some non-invasive treatment options for submental fat?


There are multiple treatment options, some less invasive than others. The least invasive treatment would be to practice neck exercises. Although scientific evidence is not available for these, many patients recommend them.

Theoretically, neck muscle exercises may improve neck strength and reduce fat, however take this advice lightly. We think this is a great option for patients to try that is safe with a minimal time commitment. Further, they are free to the patient.

Check out specific neck exercises here.

Diet and Exercise for Double Chin


Technically, anything that removes fat can help treat excess submental fat. A healthy diet, exercise, and weight loss medication are all viable options to get rid of double chin. For diet and exercise advice, please contact a physician, personal trainer, or dietician. 

Double Chin Treatments


Many treatments are available to both directly, and indirectly address a double chin and submental fat.

Semaglutide Treatment of Double Chin


Here we will discuss the use of semaglutide to help you lose weight. Semaglutide is a prescription medication used to help reduce body fat in overweight and obese individuals. We administer this medication via a weekly injection.

Participants in the clinical trials have achieved and maintained substantial weight loss. This fat loss happens all over the body, and can reduce the fat below the chin.

Most people tolerate semaglutide well, and the most common side effects are nausea, constipation, diarrhea, and acid reflux. To learn more about semaglutide injections, click here. 

Kybella Treatment of Double Chin


Kybella is the brand name for the only FDA approved injectable medication to treat submental fat, or a double chin. The active ingredient in Kybella is deoxycholic acid, which is naturally occurring in the body. Deoxycholic acid’s main job to break down fat. Injecting it under the chin dissolves fat permanently, but it may come back if you gain weight again.

We inject Kybella into the fat layer below the chin to permanently dissolve the fat collection. Kybella requires a series of treatments, spaced four to six weeks apart. Most people need three to six treatments total, using two vials per treatment. The cost on the treatments vary but overall are cheaper and less invasive compared to liposuction.

The actual procedure is relatively quick, with injections taking around two minutes. Before injections, we use topical numbing as an local anesthetic. Immediately after injections, there is a burning sensation that lasts anywhere from a few to thirty minutes.

During this time, we will observe for any problems. You will use ice to help diminish the burning and swelling.

After Kybella injections, patients can expect to have swelling, tenderness, numbness and bruising. Swelling should subside in two to four weeks with each patient having a unique experience and varying degrees of swelling. By week four to six, the swelling should have subsided and subtle results should be visible. Best results will take place several months after finishing the Kybella series.

What are options are there for double chin treatments?


More invasive procedures like liposuction are available to treat double chin. Liposuction is a surgical procedure that has a high cost, requires anesthesia and has significant downtime. However, liposuction is a one and done treatment unlikely other options including Kybella. This makes it the ideal choice for some patients that do not want to do a series of treatments.

One often can mistake double chin due to excess fat, with double chin due to excess skin. In the case of excess skin, semaglutide or Kybella will not treat the area effectively. We will consider other skin tightening methods like face or neck lift with PDO threads.

Overall, treatment for submental fat has come a long way. There are various treatment options all ranging in cost and downtime. The best treatment for each person will be very individualized based on these factors. 

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