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For a lasting glow.

Starting at $600+

SKINVIVE Treatments in Roswell, GA | Wellspring Skincare



glass facial after care

Treatment Type: Micro Injections

glass facial after care

Appointment Duration: 30 min

glass facial after care

Treatment Discomfort: 2/10 

glass facial after care

Downtime: None

glass facial after care

Results Duration: 6 months

SKINVIVE by Allergan Aesthetics is the first skin hydrating injection specifically designed for skin hydration and health. The treatment involves micro-injections for the cheeks and is suitable for all Fitzpatrick skin types.

We use traditional hyaluronic acid injections to treat deeper layers of the skin. The deeper injections allow them to treat wrinkles and fine lines. On the other hand, healthcare professionals inject this injectable directly into the dermis. This allows it to moisturize, hydrate and improve the smoothness of the cheeks for 6 months.

What is hyaluronic acid?


Hyaluronic acid is a natural gel like substance, naturally produced throughout your body. This gel keeps areas hydrated, aids in joint cushion, and supports skin flexibility and volume.

Topical skin care products and injectable contain hyaluronic acid abundantly for this reason. Topical formulations plump and hydrate the skin. Injectable fillers deeply support and add volume to the skin, while Skinvive adds hydration and smoothness to the skin.

What makes SkinVive different from other skin treatments?


Skinvive is the first injectable intradermal hyaluronic acid in the United States. Other aesthetic procedures that address skin texture and quality include microdermabrasion or laser resurfacing. These either require significant downtime or multiple treatment sessions. With Skinvive, there is minimal to no downtime with no repeat sessions needed.

What can I expect during my appointment?


During your appointment, we start with a consultation and answer any questions you may have. During this assessment, we will identify any areas we should avoid injecting. This also allows us time to discuss the procedure and any post care.

We then thoroughly cleanse the skin and add topical numbing. The numbing remains on the skin for anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes.

Next, we mark out the treatment area in a grid like pattern. Marking the skin ensures that we adequately inject the hyaluronic acid across the treatment area. We want to evenly spread the hyaluronic acid, similar to a lake or sea.

We then proceed with dozens of micro droplet injection sites within the dermis. The treatment is FDA approved for the cheeks, however we can treat any area that needs hydration and glow. The most common off label injection areas are the lips, neck and forehead.

What are some commonly reported side effects?


This minimally invasive injectable procedure offers the advantage of little to no down time. Clinical trials have proven its safety and effectiveness. Immediately post treatment, you skin can have lumps, bumps, swelling, bruising and erythema.

Over the next several days to week, you will notice improved skin smoothness and skin health. You can also expect overall improved skin quality. This leads to long lasting hydration and glow.

How does Skinvive compare to other hyaluronic acid fillers?


We want you to think of Skinvive as the icing on the cake for your antiaging journey. The cake and molds supports the overall structure (these are your traditional hyaluronic acid fillers). Whereas the Skinvive is the final detail the brings the overall cake together.

Traditionally, we inject hyaluronic acid fillers in deeper layers of the skin. This supports the surrounding tissue and replaces lost volume. These fillers have different properties that changes the amount of lift or smoothness they provide.

Juvederm Skin Vive on the other hand is a specifically designed, hydrating gel. We inject it more superficially in to the skin to improve hydration, smoothness, and skin quality. This product is safe for all skin types. Patients report improvements in not only how their skin looks but also how their skin feels.

This product works by increasing aquaporin channels in the cells. These channels allow the flow of water and glycerin in and out of the cells. This increase in aquaporin may increase hydration to your cells and is what gives your skin its lasting plump glow.

Who is a good candidate?


SkinVive is the first of its kind available in the United States. This injectable gel improves skin quality and hydration, which is largely an unmet treatment area. The best candidates are those that have dull or dry skin and would like a long lasting skin improvements. Skinvive can also improve fine lines and superficial scars.

  • Approved for all skin tones

  • Dull skin

  • Adding smoothness to the cheeks

  • Improving fine lines in the cheeks

  • Those looking for no downtime without aftercare

  • Those looking for one treatment, not a series of treatments

  • Anyone wanting glowing, refreshed, healthy looking skin


Will I need a series of treatments?


One of the best parts about this treatment is it is one and done. The treatment consists of splitting 2 syringes of product between each side of your face. The results last for at least 6 months with no recurrent treatment series to keep up with.

This treatment pairs well with Botox, lasers, facials, chemical peels and microneedling.

What effects can I expect to see after treatment?


Patients can expect to see visible skin quality improvements following microdroplet treatments. They can expect improvements in smoothness, hydration, fine lines and overall glow.

A randommized, evaluator blind study was done to evaluate the safety and effectiveness for the treatment of skin quality improvements. The study outcome was that participants showed improvements in skin smoothness, fine lines, and hydration. These results were visible at 1 month and were consistent throughout the 6-month follow up.


Patients can expect improvements in

  • Skin smoothness

  • Skin hydration

  • Fine lines

  • Skin glow

  • Skin texture


Hydration is the foundation of healthy looking skin. Skinvive is the first injectable, micro droplet hyaluronic acid. This treatment improves smoothness, hydration, glow and skin texture. This injectable treatment lasts 6 months and does not require multiple sessions to achieve results.

Interested in learning more or seeing if SkinVive is a good option for you? Schedule a complimentary consultation.

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